Conceptual design and graphic representation of your business on the Web

We design websites. We do not design brochures or other business identity documents. Many companies "specialize" in establishing an identity for your business. Our services help achieve that goal, but we limit our attention to your web presence.

We go a long way to get this right: Whenever possible, we will meet with you at your location and learn who you are and how you work, as well as what your products or services are. In this way we can knowledgably communicate your message on your website.

If we are performing a web design service "long distance" — meaning via phone and email, we are relentless in requesting photos, brochures, and discussion about your business. We firmly believe that a website should belong to the client, i.e., it should represent the client's business presence — not ours.

Our personal approach is augmented by our strong technical capabilities. We offer graphic design services, XHTML, JavaScript, streaming video and audio, and dynamic database programming.

Site Maintenance Options

After your new website has been launched, it's the beginning of a long relationship — if you want your website to work for you. It's good to think of your website as a young garden; care for it well and it will develop into a valuable asset. Visitors will always be returning to your site if you add content frequently; in fact, if your site remains static your visitorship will fall off. So in your everyday business dealings it's advantageous to think of how anything you are doing can be reflected on the site — and how the site can reflect back on your business. Inc. has two options for management of your site's content:

We do it for you (well, almost; we still need you to supply us with the material): We will post your new text and images at your request. We generally post small changes the day we receive them; larger changes take proportionately longer.

Content management systems: Some of our clients wish to update their sites themselves. We applaud and support this decision. When this is the case, we design the site with this in mind using custom templates and incorporating Macromedia Contribute, a content management system marketed by Macromedia (the makers of Dreamweaver, the premiere web design software). Contribute is easy to learn and run; anyone who has experience with word processing software can use it successfully.

The initial cost to configure the site for this functionality and to purchase Contribute is easily recouped within the first few months of a site's launch. The benefits to the client are manifold: a cost saving over our quite reasonable site maintenance fees, and the ability for the client to modify the site whenever desired, with no waiting. A fresh, constantly changing, dynamic site is far more interesting to web visitors than a static site, and will bring more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

The following search engine optimization services are included in all of our web design packages:

  • Page titles that optimize key words and phrases for each specific page
  • Key word and phrase "meta" tags for each main page
  • Keyword-rich "Alt tags" for all graphic images used in your site
  • Standards-compliant coding, which enables the search engines to locate the information they need to index your pages
  • Submission to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Altavista, Lycos, AOL)

Please see our section on Marketing your site and business for more information.

Web Hosting

As an Inc. client, you have many choices of webhosting services. We choose from an array of web hosts that we have used, to select the one that suits your business and site best. Our criteria for any hosting service are reliability, support, and features — balanced with a price that is fair. We fit the service to the client, so you have a hosting service that fits the size and technology of your site, and you don't end up with big hosting bills for space and features you will never use.

Domain Registration is happy to register and manage its clients' domain names. We always name the client as registrant for the domain name but Inc. appears on the registry and acts as technical and administrative contacts. This means that you don't have to fear losing your domain because you missed an expiration date.

You also need not be concerned about scams by unsavory registries that attempt to "steal" the registration of your domain name, since we take care of the registration for you.



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