Photograph Revision

Photo Restoration and Retouching

Our strong PhotoShop skills enable us to restore old or otherwise damaged photos. We can also alter them to suit your wishes: add or delete an offending object or person :), adjust colors as desired, add special effects... all you need do is send an electronic copy of the photo and tell us what you want. You'd be amazed at how we can improve or alter your photos! We bill this service at our usual rate, using PayPal, and expect payment in advance of returning the final altered electronic version. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, however.

See what we can do for your photos.

Virtual Tours for Pets

Photo manipulation servicesAnother of our special services is our "Virtual Tours for Pets," in which we place your favorite pet in a desired location. All you need do is supply us with a photo or two of your dog, cat, iguana, or whatever, and choose from many locations and activities. We use stock photos and place your dog quite believably in fun locations and situations. Something to share with your friends (a great brag: "My dog went surfing at Big Sur," or spent a day on the moon, or vacationed in the Rockies ... the possibilities are endless). Our rate for this service ranges from $30 to $50 per image.

All images that we use, including those supplied by our clients, must be free of copyright restrictions. We require a statement from our clients that the images they supply are free to use, and if they are obvious professional photographs, we will require a release from the photographer to use them.