About Irisweb.net
A Boutique Web Design Service

Irisweb.net is a boutique web design firm that specializes in custom web solutions. We don't do "paper design" — our entire focus is on the web and electronic media. This enables us to dedicate ourselves entirely to our clients' website needs.

Since 1998 we have provided website design services to both small and large businesses. Our clientele is varied: Socially motivated and environmentally concerned nonprofits, real estate brokers, artists and artisans, musicians, animal service providers, animal lovers, B&Bs, book publishers, and assorted others have availed themselves of our web design services.

Every client is special to us. Each project is a new challenge, deserving our imagination, creativity and technical know-how.

Web design requires us to use "both sides of our brains" - the right side for the creative aspects (graphic design and textual presentation) and the left side for the technical parts (the "stuff" that powers your website).